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This website is independent and is not associated with any government, education or science journal bodies. Set up in 2004 unlimited by the editorial policies of such bodies, we hope to be able to present some of the real truths on science theory that their websites may not be free to present.

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Science theory is basically the combination of good logical reasoning with good practical knowledge of actual natural phenomena. All humans do some logical reasoning and have some practical knowledge of some actual natural phenomena, but mostly have to concern themselves with feeding themselves and their families as best they can. Some people have been able to devote much of their time to reasoning and/or gaining better knowledge of nature, and some of these have made small or big contributions to the development of science.

In considering science theory generally, this site will concentrate especially on relating the theory ideas of some major physicists, including those now not taught of William Gilbert, Rene Descartes and Sir Isaac Newton as well as Albert Einstein and some more modern physics theory ideas.

Site content is by Vincent Wilmot excepting only some specific bits otherwise referenced. See a brief autobiography at Vincent Wilmot.

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